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Um resumo da estoria mineral mais animal de salvamento

Embora a maioria dos visitantes do blog nao goste que eu poste em Ingles, esta estoria vale a pena. Voce ja conhecem, mas a prespectiva vale muito. Sobre os mineiros do Chile e seu resgate.

3 Key Lessons from the Chilean Miner Rescue
A few days ago we witnessed the dramatic rescue of the Chilean Miners after more than two months being trapped underground.

The 33 miners were caught in a cave-in on August 5 and survived on dwindling rations of food and water for 17 days, until rescue crews drilled a tiny hole into the chamber where they had taken refuge. They kept their spirits up with a daily group therapy session — they nicknamed it "showing their cards" — in which they discussed their disagreements, plans and achievements. Yet in the days before they were found, they had given up hope of ever being rescued. On Day 17 they sent a note up through the rocks, and that message was the catalyst for the amazing rescue operation that saved them. They were finally hoisted up by a cable from half a mile below the earth's surface after more than 69 days.

There are at least three lessons for us all in their remarkable story. The first, of course, is don't give up. Often opportunity presents itself when things look darkest.

The second lesson is about trust. Some challenges are too big to face on our own. We need the help and support of others: People close to us who may be going through similar challenges, as well as people we have yet to meet who will go the extra mile to help us, if we just get some kind of message out to them. If we don't trust and believe in each other, life becomes impossible.

The third lesson is that hope is not a strategy. You have to plan. Those who watched the human drama unfold in Chile witnessed what happens when you thoroughly plan: flawless execution. The miner rescue operation was quite possibly the most remarkable feat of human ingenuity and character any of us could ever hope to see. With all that could have gone wrong, the Chilean people held all of those odds at bay long enough to extract 33 lives from a depth of over 2,000 feet.

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Mine image: Gemcom Software Intl.

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