sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

Just for a change

My English-speaking buddies sometimes visit my blog and say "What the heck? Its in Portuguese! How can I read it?". So this post is for them, and for my other buddies who like to read other languages once in a while.

I got asked this question:

"Do Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks rot your brain and make you immoral?"

My answer was:

"Dear friends, I have lived in England (born Brazilian), Japan, USA, and now Back In Brazil. The social media also reconnected me with countless lost friends and colleagues, plus, letting me have a "social life", shareing the good wines and food I had the chance to experiment. Not to speak of pictures of places I've been. Life would be very lonely in this planet, that job travels, money takes you to other places, and your loved ones stay behind. It gets worse when you make more friends abroad.

I have a scottish friend living in London, whom I've known since 1975, and we chat on Twitter about his B2B Marketing agency!

Also, I agree with Brian White's opinion that " The hazards of social networking are no different than the past provided us. It's our parents, or our performance as parents that determine how these tools are abused."

Well, that's it. Have a great weekend.

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Jou Jou Balangandã disse...

I’ve received the same kind of comments from my english speaking friends ... to solve the issue, I decided to use a translator(Evandro sent me the link). It doesn’t work perfectly, but at least they can participate. Why don’t u try it?

MR disse...

Thanks for the tip.
I'd rather not.
They can take the risk themselves of using Google's button to "translate the page"

Faces de Mulher disse...

Acredito que tudo tem seu lado bom e seu lado ruim...
Creio que nós podemos determinar como vamos usá-las...
Sei que às vezes pessoas de qualidade ruim usam a tecnologia para nos trazer danos terríveis...
Mas com redes sociais ou não estamos sujeitos a isso...
Um lindo fim de semana!!!

Dai disse...

Que aprendam português, oras!!
Se quiserem umas aulinhas, eu faço o sacrifício..rsrs
Eu inventei de escrever em português e espanhol para que apenas um amigo lesse e nao deu muito certo.
Tradutores estão aí pra isso.

(Preciso comentar em inglês também??)
"Friends of the Marcos ... learn our beautiful language . So will be easy to read the wonderful what he writes.
If you need, I give you some free lessons.
I tried a bilingual blog and do not work very well. Anything, use one of the many translators who have in the Internet.
But do not abandon his friend."

(Ok, eu distorci, mas foi pra puxar saco mesmo).

Anônimo disse...

Vou contratar a Dai para fazer tradução simultânea dos meus posts.
Favor aparecer para a seleção, munida de RG, Carteira de Trabalho, foto 3x4 e atestado de bons antecedentes.

Dai disse...

Anonimo, gostaria muito de trabalhar.
Bons antecedentes eu tenho, a nao ser que meu ex ressucitou e fez queixa contra mim.
RG seria Registro de Gay??Infelizmente eu nao tenho..ainda.
A foto 3x4 eu tenho, mas minha tia pediu primeiro para assustar os pernilongos do quarto dela..ficarei te devendo.
Mas a carteira, yes, I have!!!
Espero que eu me dê bem na entrevista.
Marcos, obrigada...arrumei um emprego graças ao seu blog.

Mari Amorim disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Mari Amorim disse...

dear friend
My language is Portuguese, when I walk into any foreign language site, I try to adapt myself to him, so suited to me, and if my friend and use email instead use the translator who PROVIDE on my page, forgive I am against any rule imposed by Dai congratulate the two comments.
Excellent weeks